Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Question of the day:

How often do you weigh yourself? Why?

In the beginning of my band journey I was weighing daily and when I wouldn't see a loss, I would get so damn irritated. So I stopped and went to a weekly weigh-in...similar to WW. Well, I would sneak a peek at the scale an additional day or two...but, that's a secret...shhhh! I kinda want to go back to weighing daily or every other day because when I see that loss it encourages me to keep going but on the other hand, when I don't see that loss, I get upset and depressed. It's fudged up, I know!

I was sooooo excited for my weigh-in today because my personal trainer said she could see that I was thinner and I "felt" a tad thinner and what did the scale show? Oh...wait for it, wait for it...


Yep, that's all!

Now I know I have been working out a lot and am building muscle and therefore I may be losing inches so I am not too terribly upset with the scale, even though I still hate the little bitch.

So, let's sum up this rambling post. I want to know what all you other bloggers do about your weigh-ins. I will ultimately do what works for me but I want to hear from you all and weigh (no pun intended) my options.

Over and Out!


  1. I do an official weigh in once per week on the same day (Saturday). That is the weight I record for the week. I will step on the scale more frequently - but do not count it as a loss/gain until my weigh in day results.

  2. I weigh myself every single morning. I count Fridays' weights for one "group" I participate in; I count Mondays' weights for my official weight. I track every day's weight on MyPlate. If you looked at my graph on MyPlate for the past 15 months, you'd see a lot of little ups and downs, but the trend is down. That's what counts. After doing this for so long, I've pretty much learned to ignore the scale. It is there, but it doesn't define me.

  3. I weigh myself every single day, pre-shower and post-loo. I had to learn not to get upset by the little boing-ing act my scale does between losses, and to chill out on plateaus. It took time, but I got there.

    Now that I'm maintaining, I still weigh myself every day. It's an important part of this phase for me b/c it lets me stay on top of my weight every day. I don't freak out about it, but if the scale is up a bit, I focus on making good choices that day and try to work out a bit harder.

    It makes me feel on top of things to look at the number every day. I'm not going to gain weight without realizing it before 2 pounds becomes 5 or more. For me, the daily weigh-in works the best.

  4. I weigh in twice a day- in the morning after bathroom and right before getting dressed (since this is suppose to be our true weight) and then I weigh again pre shower before going to bed, sans clothing (just so I can see the difference). I use Sunday as my "official" number for the week :) I use to beat myself up every time the scale wouldn't move or went up a little- now I just shrug and get over it. What matters is how you feel. I use to obsess with that stupid number forgetting that I had gone from a 22 to a 16 in a couple of months. So it's really about how you feel about you :)

  5. I weigh ever morning. It's the only time I can get a somewhat accurate weight. By the time I sit in an office all day I've gotten swollen from all the sitting. Man, just like lots here have mentioned...weighing-in post bathroom break makes a difference.

    Some days I *KNOW* I feel thinner and I am...some days I *KNOW* I feel thinner and the scale is the same...or more...because of water retention/swelling...which is huge problem for me.

  6. I weigh once a week. That makes me crazy enough - I don't know how you guys can weigh more frequently than that.

    I've been dissapointed by small losses before too, but they're usually followed by a bigger loss the next week. I know sometimes when you lift weights, your muscles retain fluids and give you artificial gains.

  7. Every single day...post it up there right on the chart hanging on the bathroom wall.

  8. I aim for every day, but sometimes I forget. So, it probably ends up being 3 or 4 times a week.

  9. I vary so much it is not funny. I will post that I am changing to only weighing in once a fortnight and than the next week I'll have a good loss so will have to have an official weigh in.

    It depends on what the scale is doing. But you are right, when i see a drop it always tends to keep me going in the right direction :-)

  10. Daily... because I want to. I have come to understand the fluctuations so it doesn't bother me if I am up, and sometimes I KNOW I will be up. Start learning more about how normal it is to fluctuate, and maybe that will help you stop feeling negatively when the scale is up.

    I have always weighed daily, it keeps me in check and I want to know everyday where I am, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you can handle the NORMAL fluctuations! :)

  11. I don't have an official WI day. I weigh once every 2-3 days and that's it.

  12. I weigh in every single morning..it helps me really keep on top of my weight. In the past not stepping on the scales would have me gaining tons of weight I know that won't happen anymore with the band, but now its such a habit it would be like not brushing my teeth!