Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ice Cream

Oh, ice cream how I love thee!

Oh how I wish I could enjoy a single serving of ice cream and be able to walk away happy. With a big, happy grin on my face like the little one above. But I can't! Ice cream is my addiction. My heroin. My drug of choice. When times get tough I turn to ice cream and unfortunately it goes right through the band with no problems and so I can eat, eat, eat with no problems. I have been struggling lately. Struggling in my mind. I miss being able to eat so much I was uncomfortable. I miss certain foods. I miss being able to drown my sorrows in food. I miss a lot and need some help. I need to find a therapist that knows about food addiction because this is an addiction. I am unhappy with so many things in my life but I don't know that there is a valid reason for the unhappiness. Marriage, work, family, my body, just plain life and everything in-between! Oh don't worry, I am on Prozac but lately it isn't working so well. I am depressed. And it sucks!! Big time! I used to eat myself into a coma when I was depressed and then just sleep but I can't do that anymore. I want to...oh trust me, I want to eat! So...how do I find a therapist that specializes in food addiction? My surgeon's office doesn't have a recommendation and there isn't anyone locally, I have looked. Please tell me this is normal and will pass. Please tell me this is just one of the "stages" of weight loss. I am so hoping it is.


  1. Want to cuddle? I find a good spooning always helps. Last night I bought one of those ben & Jerry little single serving cups for $1 from the store. A single serving of ice cream is like a shot! Its so tiny. If we lived closer, we could eat ice cream together.

  2. How about Overeater Anonymous? There are groups in most every city and on-line meetings too. Also a therapist that treats ANY addiction should be able to help. There are also many great books about food addiction.

    I know what you mean about "missing" certain foods or ways of eating. Sometimes I miss just eating with abandon - eating without thinking about it.

    What works for me with those trigger foods is to set some limits. I can't ban them outright since that sets me up for a binge. I typically limit all sweets to special occassions and one-two servings per weekend. I measure out my treat and savor it. I usually turn off the TV and try to be really aware of the taste as I enjoy it.

    I know you will get a handle on this! Keep us posted!

  3. Oh Roomie... I think we all hear what you're saying, for many of us this will be the first holiday season without the joys of eating... and it was always one of my favorite parts of the holidays... Pumpkin Pie, Halloween candy, Thanksgiving stuffing & mashed potatoes, Christmas cookies, Candy canes, and all the desserts... which is my weakness... I am not a crackhead... I am a cakehead! It won't be easy but we will get through it and if you get urges for ice cream along the way... just don't let it send you back into a spiral. Each food choice counts... Don't beat yourself up for eating ice cream when you made good choices other than that. If we make good choices 90% of the time we are doing well... 10% ice cream and cupcakes... or whatever won't destroy us. I do the same as Amy Sunshine... I get the little ice creams for portion control... and If i eat it all, so what? *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp...

  4. Thinking of you and hoping you are doing well! Come back and post soon!