Friday, February 11, 2011


Hello my name is Kerri and I am addicted to food! "HELLO KERRI". I am also addicted to binging. I read an AWESOME post today about binging and you know helped me! This is the post. It has haunted me all day but in a GOOD way. I am so grateful for this post. I may have to read it daily.

In response to some recent comments to my posts....

I have GREAT restriction in my band. I chose to do the 5 Day Pouch Test because I was eating TERRIBLY. 1/2 gallon of ice cream every 2 days. (There I said it) I was CRAVING CRAP and EATING CRAP so I wanted to "DETOX" and I had heard about this and wanted to try it. Prior to the test my band was a smidge looser probably because I was stuffing my face with food all the time but now it is back to it's happy "little" self. I do not need a fill and if I went for a fill, the Dr would say NO and tell me to make better food choices instead. So, that is what I am doing.

Peace Out!


  1. Good to know the pouch test worked for you. Thanks for your comment on my most recent post. Regarding your question, I've lost 35.4 from July. 60 lbs down is great. If I knew I was going to lose another 30 lbs in the next 6 months I wouldn't be freaking as much. It's just that I'm afraid since these early pounds are coming off so slowly that I won't lose any more or it will take even longer to lose, which scares the crap out of me since I have 80 left to lose. Hoping that the exercise I'm doing will help kick start my weight loss.

  2. Wow...what an amazing post. Thank you so much for posting a link!

  3. I am glad that the pouch test helped you... It is wonderful to realize that we can abuse our bands and they will bounce back into shape when we see what we are doing and want to get back on track.

  4. Could you please re-follow my blog! I changed the URL and now everyone who follows my blog can not see my new posts in their blog feed.

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  5. Glad the pouch test worked for you. I've never done it myself, but sometimes we just need that jumpstart, you know? Still, you are doing well on your losses :)

  6. Glad it went can do it!!