Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Carbs suck! Is it just me or does this happen to others? If I am really good, stay on track and avoid CRAP foods (like carbs) then I "crave" them less. If I take a bit of something "naughty" I want MORE and MORE and MORE! Why? Is this just me? Is this just in my little head? Damn you Carbs!


  1. Hang in there-How is your fill level? I found that especially in the beginning that staying on top of my fills helped me control my carb cravings thus helping me eat at a lower calorie level thus lose weight...and so on.

    You will have to learn some stuff to..but a good fill level helps keep you kinda sane while you do it :)

    Also..the round face thing :) You will be surprised at how much thinner your face can get! I always had a round it is kinda saggy :)


  2. I'm with ya girl. Just say NO to Carbs!

    Your kids are so a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!

    BTW, I'm a new follower and my blog is

  3. I'm with ya...except I'm like that with ALL food! LOL I gotta stay away from all the bad stuff, or I just want more!

  4. You are not alone! Carbs are my weakness. I am the same way. I have to literally carb DETOX to stop wanting them and that takes about a week or so but as soon as I put one tiny little carby bite in my mouth I can't stop and the hectic cycle starts all over again for weeks!

  5. Carbs were created by the Devil. It's somewhere in the Bible, i'm sure.

  6. Yes, Carbs...the more I eat... the more I crave!