Thursday, July 22, 2010

I want to EAT, EAT, EAT......

Ok, for the past couple of days all I have wanted to do is EAT! I am not physically hungry and I have awesome restriction. I think Aunt Flo may be coming to visit soon...stupid bitch! Any who....I am struggling! My stupid head told me to go rent some movies and buy ice cream. WTF?!? Ice cream is my crack! I have to stay away from it! So, wanna know what I did instead?!? Hmmm?!?

I scheduled an appt at 6:30 at the local gym to get signed up. I talked to someone there last night and they can offer childcare if I tell them exactly what days/time I need it. So, I am going to have set days/times to go to the gym and Macy can stay with the sitter there. I can't count on my husband (mentioned in previous post) to be home at a certain time to be certain that I can go for a walk in the evenings. It has been too stinking hot and humid for Macy to go with me in the stroller. Remember the last time I took her...I wanted to jump off a bridge because she cried the entire hour!

So, instead of sitting at home...stuffing my face....I will go to the gym! The head hunger is really freaking strong! Ugh!!! Some days I wish I could turn that part of my brain off!

Take care!!!


  1. when is your next fill? my first one is tomorrow, but i am finding on the days i don't START w/a protein drink i find myself hungry earlier and earlier. thank God i hate ice cream...but i love me some chips and did...ha ha. if you go to Shelly's site she has fantastic protein ice cream recipes...they really are great (even my kids eat them). here's her link:

    just search ice cream and you will find lots of yummy FAST alternatives. :) good luck.

  2. A lot of that desire to eat seems to come from hormones. Isn't it cool that we can now isolate those few days and recognize what is going on?

    My favorite "munchy" food is popcorn. I get the 100 calorie bags. Sometimes I'll sprinkle on some Molly McCheese. Yummy!

    If you want something cold, how about Otter Pops? Some brands are only 10 calories each. That's pretty harmless. You could eat a bunch of them and not do any damage!

  3. Good job on making the right decision!! How brave of you! I love the picture at the top lol and I don't think I have ever mentioned it but every time I am at your blog I just stare at your wedding dress on the side because I LOVE it!!

  4. Crack is whack so good job turning your back. ;-)

  5. If you ever find that switch to turn off the food part of the brain, let me know. I hope you got to the gym. You are doing amazing.

  6. That sounds like a great idea for the gym and sitter wooooo things are falling into place and thats awesome.

    As for the food thing... i hear you sister the last 3 days i have scoffed... see you were probably more discplined and listened to yourself saying no where as me... i just ate and ate and ate carbs... :(

    Oh well we need these little slip ups to motivate us to get back on track!

  7. I know how you feel, sometimes it all seems uphill and then there's other times when It is so much easier... They are just much less frequent than the uphill, head hunger driven times... i loved Gilly's letter to her head today... I almoat peed my pants... It's funny cause it's true. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at Band Camp..." Check out my blogs at

  8. Glad you were able to find a way to excercise. Holy cow I want food so bad!!! I started phase 2 of my post op diet today. I honestly don't know if I'm actually hungrey or if I'm bored with liquids and want solid food! If you can find a way to turn off that part of the brain let me know!

  9. That picture is hilarious! It's exactly what I've felt like doing all week! Good for you taking control and making a positive outcome!!