Thursday, July 22, 2010

Uh-huh....I am a all signed up!

I signed up at the local fitness center tonight! Yippee!!! Monthly membership fee is not too bad, at all! $14 something a month...not too shabby! I do have to pay $3 every time I use the sitter there but that's well spent! After I signed up I was able to get a workout in. I started with 20 minutes on the treadmill. I walked 3.5 mph and jogged 4.5 mph a total of 3 minutes. I could have done more but I was too concerned with what everyone else was thinking. "Holy crap...look at the fat girl trying to run on the treadmill!" Yep....that's the shit that the little guy in my head says all the freaking time. I ignored that little bastard and jogged anyway....I have to get ready for BOOBS...duh!

After the treadmill, I moved on to this lovely contraption called THE DEVIL or aka an elliptical. That little bugger kicked my ass for 10 minutes but it felt damn good to put that butt-wad back in his place when I finished that 10 minutes without falling to the ground! After I kicked the devil's ass, I moved onto the circuit and did a couple arm related exercises. Macy was getting tired and was ready to go home so I wasn't able to stay longer. I felt like I did a pretty good job my first night!

I stayed within my 1200 cals today and I definitely thought I would go over since the head hunger was enough to make me go CrAzY! But I stayed strong and made it through the night without binging! YAY me!

This past weekend we went to WI for 3 days camping, swimming, boating and more. We had a great time!!
Here are some highlights from the weekend! Enjoy!

Michael showing off while tubing!
Pretty in pink!

Miss Macy sitting on the pier!
Matt tubing....they were showing off too!
Long day!

Good big brother! Macy loves the water!
I hope you all enjoy the pictures! We had a great time and plan on going back in August for an "adults only" weekend! Hopefully it will be a little cooler or at least less humid and I will be thinner!!!

Goodnight All!


  1. The photos are GREAT! How cute are your darn kids.

    Yay to the new Gym pass..... i wont sign up as im hopeless at going ot the gym and i always think people are watching me so at the moment ill stick to Just Dance and walking lol

    I would give you my facebook details.... if i had facebook ahahaha... i deleted it just after i had surgery :)

  2. Awesome Kerry... That's so cheap for a health club... I am so glad you got in a good workout. Your kids are adorable. *Maria*

  3. great job on the workout and you really did get a good deal on the cost!! have a great weekend!

  4. that elliptical is hell!!!
    what an adorably beautiful pic of the kids sleeping!!

  5. That is a super good price for the gym, mine is $25/month and I thought I had it good!! Mine is a community center, so a little different I guess...

  6. Oh I'm so proud of you! AWESOME!

  7. Great pics...thanks for sharing.

  8. Sweet, sweet Macy looks so very happy! Beautiful kids!

  9. Yay you got to workout! Such beautiful kids, lovely pictures!