Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hi everyone!!! I know it has been a week since I last posted..so sorry! Please forgive me. It takes me FOREVER to get through all the blogs so by the time I am finished, I don't have any time left to update my blog. I know...I know...I will try harder or read faster!

Today is my weigh-in day and initially the scale said 311 but I didn't believe it to so I weighed again and it said 312 so then I waited a few minutes and weighed again (yes, I am a little crazy) and it was 313. WTF?!? So, I weighed myself again and it was 312 so that is my official weight for the week. That brings my weight loss total to 25 pounds. YAY! I even ate like CRAP over the weekend but I did walk a shitload to make up for a lot of the crap I ate. Yesterday I stayed WAY under my allotted calories and I walked. I bought an iPod shuffle for my walking and I love it! I am so happy to finally be seeing the scale move and it is REALLY motivating. I am starting to think that I am falling in love with my band! (teeheehee) This coming from the person that was in Bandster Hell and thought that the band was going to be just another failed "diet". I can't wait to reach the 200's! I know...that's crazy because 200's is still FAT but I never want to weigh "3" something EVER again!

I texted my hubby this morning that I have lost a total of 25 pounds and do you wanna know what his response was.....

Wait for it....

He said....


Yep, that's it! Just freaking OK! Are you kidding me? So I said, that's all you have to say? What the fuck? He then responded with "that's good love you". Ugh! How freaking frustrating! He is not an overly emotional and supportive person and I get that but come on! Oh well!

Still not sure about BOOBS. I have some potential roommates lined up and they sound super cool but I am still just not sure. I have mentioned to the hubby that I really want to go but he just doesn't seemed too thrilled about it. I know I have to make a decision ASAP so I am working on it! Promise! I really want to meet a lot of you awesome band bloggers.

Well, that is all for now! I will try not to stay away for so long! Have a GREAT Tuesday!!!


  1. lol @ "OK" guys can be so dense sometimes!!
    congrats on saying adios to 25!! :-)

  2. oh, our husbands must be brothers or something. i was just banded thursday and my husband gives me crap like "want a donut?, can i get you some sweetbread?" and when i told him i had lost 19lbs in 19days (dang liquid diet) he said "COOL". and not cool like fantastic job sweetie, more like cool, now leave me alone. lol...just know you are not alone and you'll be in the 200s before you know it!

  3. what a pretty cake! congrats on your 25 lbs! way better than ok!

  4. On the bright side, you have all us awesome supporters in blog land to help keep you perked up.

    You are doing an awesome job and I am totally stoked for your loss!

    I wish I could go to BOOBS, but with Husband deployed and everyone else employed (thank Heaven) there is nobody to keep my kidlets.
    So if you go, have some extra fun for me!

  5. 25 down is awesome, you are doing great! Boys suck! I am sorry that he didn't show enthusiasm about your news, but I sure he is really proud. There is no way he couldn't be!

    You rock! <3

  6. That's great news! Not just ok!!!!! Men!

  7. WOO HOO 25 lbs.!!!! You are AWESOME! Great job!

  8. You can never count on guys to notice (or care) about your weight loss lol! I keep asking my hubby if he notices (I am down 35 freaking pounds) and he just keeps saying no... lol. One of these days he will HAVE to notice!!

    Congrats on 25 pounds!!

  9. 25 down is FANTASTIC.

    "OK".... will men ever get it?!?

    At least you have us all here in blog-land to sing you praises when you have a great day on the scales.

  10. Hmph . . men!! That is so great about you hitting 25! And, you'll be in the twos before you know it!! :) Congratulations!!

  11. 25 is not just OK it's Happy Dance time. And lots of Woo Hoo's.

  12. Awesome news on the 25 lbs...so much better than "OK". Dudes can be such twits.

  13. If my husband was asked if I gained weight since he met me he might say, 10-15 pounds... yeah right, add a zero to that... Men are clueless. Oh, sorry for the rant... Congrats on the 25 pounds, you loser! *Maria*

  14. Congrats on the 25!! Your DH sounds JUST like mine. Since I've told him of my plans to have Lapband he hasn't asked ONE single question. Has no idea. Clueless. grrrr But you'd think after 31 years I'd expect this wouldn't you? But nooooo. lol Thankfully we've all found each other.