Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ice Cream Therapy and Gardening

So.....there is this little ice cream shop here in town and they always have a little sign out front with a clever little saying to catch your attention and hopefully stop for some ice cream. Well, as you all know, ice cream is my drug and so I have been avoiding it like the plague. I wanted to share this little message that is currently on the sign because I think it is ironic and applies to the "OLD ME".

Let me start by saying, YES, this sign is TRUE but if you have ice cream therapy daily then you will eventually kill yourself or end up like me, working my ass off trying to get the weight off! I go to therapy and it is expensive but so is obesity. You have to buy bigger clothes and shop in "specialty stores". If you are depressed from the weight, you may take a medication which can be costly. It is truly a vicious cycle. I never want to be that way again and I won't allow it either.

 Boy, oh boy, gardening is easier and somewhat enjoyable when you can physically do it! In previous years my husband did it all and I just "supervised"! Put it there! Not there! To the left! To the right! But this year, nope, I did it.

My mom came to our house to help because I do not have a green thumb and am kinda plant retarded. So, I asked for her expertise. At first, I was a bit intimidated but soon I was practically rolling in the dirt. Digging out weeds left and right. Bending over, squatting, kneeling, up and down. You name it, I was doing it and I felt AWESOME afterward. It is so rewarding. I've been on the sidelines for so long and I don't want to be there any longer. I wasn't to DO not WATCH! It's amazing!

Macy sure enjoyed gardening too! :)


  1. She is adorable!

    I too love my ice cream and i've been making protein ice cream which is the same as making a protein drink and putting it in an ice cream maker. I have been trying the recipes I find over at Eggface's blog,

    Enjoy your garden!

  2. The sign is just too scary for though - because I used to be there too :o)

    Glad to hear you had such a great time in the garden and that Macy is getting into the active lifestyle from an early age :o)

  3. Kerry...i'm catching up on commenting and you are doing FANTASTIC!!!! congrats on the 100 (or .2 away :) counts! it really seems like you have gotten into a groove and I am so happy for you! I get a real sense of happiness and motivation in reading these, which is awesome! And your daughter is just the cutest thing!