Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Bummed!

That's me but I am crying inside. I weight myself every Tuesday and today I was down a WHOPPING .6lbs. .6lbs is FREAKING ridiculous. I have exercised 6 days this week. I keep my cals around 1200, I haven't eaten ice cream in over a week so WTF is the problem? I want to throw in the towel. I want to say FUKITOL and just stay at this weight. My 1 year bandiversary is next week (May 10th) and I have lost 64lbs in one year. Some will say that is great, some will say...umm, it's ok. Well, I am not happy with it. I wanted to lose 100lbs because I have so much to lose. I have been stuck in the 270's for all of 2011. It's depressing me. Please don't say that I am building muscle. I just don't get it.

I saw a new primary doc today and asked for help. I am depressed and the Prozac isn't working. We talked about options and she ordered some labs to make sure my thyroid isn't the problem and if the labs don't show anything she is going to prescribe phentermine. I'm not sure how I feel about it. She thinks that if I get a little boost in the weight loss it will help my mood. She says that since the Prozac has worked in the past maybe the weight loss stall is contributing to the depression. What do you guys think?

Oh and can someone please tell me how to do a little ticker that will keep track of the last time I ate ice cream? I'm really proud of that and want to share it with everyone!!!


  1. You can get a ticker at several places, but tickerfactory.com is a good one. You set it up, then copy & paste the code they give you into your web design. You should be proud!

    I only suffered from depression for a very short time, so I don't know what it is like to truly have to battle it. I hate that for you because from the small taste I got, it was horrible and I felt so helpless. I hope that what you work out with the doctor helps you.

    As for the weight, that is a toughie. Assuming your body burns 1500 calories per day (that's conservative) and you are burning another 400 per day with exercise AND you ate around 1200 calories per day...you should have lost 1.4 pounds. And that was conservative. When I work out, I burn around 2500 calories in a day...if I only ate 1200 calories for 6 days (and broke even on the last), I should lose over 2 pounds for the week.

    So, you are right. 6 tenths stinks and it isn't fair. Going to the doc is the right first step because if it is your thyroid or something medical, that needs to be addressed so you can be successful! If it not, then the issue most likely has to be calories in or calories out.

    My first suggestions would be to try a calorie monitor (like a Body Bugg) to see if you have a good understanding of how much you burn. Also, do you log your calories as you go? Give some extra care to make sure you are including everything you eat and the portions.

    I'm so sorry that you are having this trouble! It just isn't fair. If you put in the effort, it stinks to not get results. :(

  2. My goodness...I didn't realize I wrote a book. Sheesh, I'm sorry!!

  3. agreed, tickerfactory.com.

    Hang in there...there were many WEEKS where I would bust my butt in the gym and eat perfectly and lose barely half a pound...you'll get there...just keep on keepin' on. :) You can do it!

  4. I wish I had an answer for you. My famous stalls lasted months as well and is the cause of my binge eating. I NEED results and when I don't see them constantly I do say FUKITOL and start eating like a mad woman. But I don't recommend that because I feel worse now (13lbs gained) than I did when I was stalled.

    I hope the doctor can help you solve this problem.

  5. When I first started regular exercise... I gained a little... and after a week or 2... I dropped alot. I don't blame you for being frustrated but the lower your weight gets and the closer you get to goal...you're weight loss will slow as well and you will have to up your game. It's unfortunate, but we gained weight so easily in the past for a reason... so with our weight gaining years behind us, we have to count non-gains as progress and losses as success. I'm am so sorry you are struggling.

  6. I think the thyroid check is a good plan. You should be losing more and faster than you are. If it was just a one-time thing, I'd say .6 is how it goes sometimes, but this is how it always seems to go for you and something doesn't seem right.

    Still you are moving in the right direction. 64 lbs. in a year is not too shabby. Keep us posted!

  7. Oh honey - feel better. I'm not going to tell you you're building muscle - I hate that when people say it even if it's true. I am glad you are working out because that will help ease the depression a bit. Take care. xoxo

  8. I hope you are feeling better today, but I wanted to chime in and say that I know exactly how you feel about the weight loss stall. It depresses me and I can't even think about it (but it seems like I do anyway). I also wanted to lose 100 in my first year. BUT the good news is. NO weight GAIN. I'm just trying to take comfort in that. We can't ALL be band superstars I guess. (dang-it!!!)