Monday, June 14, 2010



I can't take it!!!! Ok, so last week I started journaling my food intake and exercising and the scale started moving. This morning the scale added another pound! WTF?!? I wanna say SCREW IT!!! I know I am in bandster hell and it truly is HELL! I hate the scale! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! I get a fill on Monday, thank goodness because I don't know how much more I can take. I know I am NOT supposed to compare myself to others but it seems like everyone else with the band is losing. What am I doing wrong?


  1. you are freaking out too much! lol :-)
    a little tip about the scale, even if you weigh yourself everyday (which i believe we ALL do lol) only record it once a week...the rest of the week don't freak out if it is up, keep in mind that your weight can fluctuate up to TEN pounds in a day!
    seriously, you are doing great :-) i know it's hard to not compare yourself to others who were banded around the same time, but everyone is truly different and it will all even out! keep your chin up girl!

  2. I agree with Carmen! Stress alone can cause the scale to move up, but there are many other things that can do it too - besides actually eating too much. I weigh myself everyday and record the lows on my ticker, but I only take the best weight of the weekend to make "official". If I am up one day then oh well. If I am up all week and stay up then I know I have a problem.

    I hate to say this, but I think you should be prepared. Your first fill might not help, but DON'T give up. It is the first step to getting restriction and you will get there. What I found to be helpful is the drink water before giving in to your hunger. I drank so much water I sloshed around. It helped. I felt full.

    You will get there we promise!

  3. I agree w/ TJ and Carmen . YOu need to be prepared for a few things. The most important one is that your first fill ( espically if you have a larger band ) May NOT take ! It may not give you restriction . The other thing ... People dont tell bandsters, You may have restriction for a short period of time and you will lose it . Once again you have just started this process . You do not even have the tools to start losing the weight yet.
    My advice for the scale , start a spread sheet , weight yourself once a week on the same day at the same time NAKED ! There will be days that you gain its fine . But what you dont realize this happened before but you probably did not weight yourself everyday did you ? when the paper works days the "average weight loss " for the band is 1-3 pounds a week that means in the end it AVERAGES out to that . So one week you might lose a pound the next week you might not lose the following week you might lose 5 . I mean this in the Kindest way possible YOU NEED TO CHILL OUT !!!
    You did not gain this weight over night you wont lose it overnight !

  4. I would like to point out to you , if your stat is right on your blog and you have lost 11pounds your averaging 1.5 pounds per week in weight loss right now ! THAT my friend is great!
    really your doing fine ! feel free to email me if you need to

  5. When will we learn that the scale is not our friend?! Ugh, don't let it get you down. You're doing a great job!

  6. Not everyone is losing...I was banded 4/26 and had my first fill almost two weeks ago. I've been the same weight going on 3 weeks now.
    Just hang in there...what's the alternative anyway???

  7. There are up sides and down sides to the internet. The up side is the support you get. One of the down sides can be comparing yourself to others. Comparing how others lose weight how others look etc. One of the best advice i got was from my OB when i told her i wanted the surgery . Because of my PCOS she told me when I asked " what should i expect ? " she todl me " Expect to lose , nothing else nothing more. You may lose slow , you may lose quick but you will lose . So just expect to lose " . I tell newbies that. The less you expect from the band the better. If someone had told me I would have lost the weight I had in the first year I would have called them and myself I liar . With my PCOS history and not being able to lose the way I did before , no way . So just expect to lose NOTHING ELSE !

  8. I don't own a scale and won't buy one either... I get weighed at my surgeon's office once a month and try to eat well or in moderation and workout. I am thrilled with my progress but I think you may be eating too few calories... I looked at your daily food log on myfitnesspal and I think you may need to add a little calories... What did you doctor tell you to use for calorie intake? What number? If you get too few calories it can cause feast or famine effect and cause your metabolism to shut down. I am going to ask my surgeon how many calories I should be eating when I go back to the doctor... until then I hope I'm eating enough. You will loosen up your eating habits in a little while... Remember it is a lifestyle not a diet. You need to not feel too slighted and eat enough protein and calories. Your carbs seem good but you could try cutting them down a little. People who have alot more to lose make it look easier than it is... I weigh over 400 pounds still so the weight comes off me faster but the weight loss will slow down for me eventually and I'll spend time in bandster hell like the rest of you. Like your band help you but it needs to warm up first. The first fill is a step in the right direction but it most likely will not give you as much restriction as you hope for... It takes time but it will be worth it. We didn't gain this weight overnight and we certainly won't lose it as fast as we gained it...Keep your chin up! You're doing great!*Maria*

  9. Maria is right. If you do not eat enough you will not lose. My range for losing was no more than 1200 and no less than 1000 . Anything less than 1000 I would not lose .
    Most docs say that range is what you want to stay in.
    Good luck to everyone you are all doing great .