Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Walking and Journaling

What a day, what a day!

So, my wonderful husband that doesn't have a "weight issue" went to Costco last night and bought 6 Double Chocolate Chip Muffins! Yes, heaven in a very large cupcake cup. I ate one of those tasty little devils for breakfast. Oh, don't you worry, the food police at work tried to stop me. "I thought you weren't supposed to have carbs." WTF! Look ya skinny bitch, shut yer pie hole!


I decided, after I devoured the tasty little devil, to find out how many calories the little bugger had. I logged onto and typed in the info. Guess how many calories, just guess.....

If you guessed 692, you were correct!

I had just eaten almost all my calories in one freaking meal! No wonder I am fat!!!

At that point I decided to bite the bullet and continue food journaling the remainder of the day. Maybe I would get an answer to why I haven't lost an ounce since I was banded. So damn frustrating.

So I ended the day with 283 calories remaining based on the calculations from my fitness pal. The only reason I have calories remaining is because I walked. YEP! I said it...I did it! I WALKED tonight for 50 minutes. It felt good. I felt like I was doing the right thing. If only I would think that way EVERYDAY!

I am SO looking forward to my first fill! I need restriction! Bring it on....

I am considering getting a personal trainer. What do you all think? I have not been much of an exerciser so I am looking for guidance. I know walking is good too and that you don't have to have a fancy gym membership but I wanna kick this fat ass in the rear and get moving!

Oh hey...if any of my followers are also on me and friend me! I need all the support in the world!

Oh and one HUGE success today! I came home from work and wanted to EAT cereal. Gawd I LOVE IT! But instead I got busy with other stuff, then ate dinner, then went for a walk, came home and was busy all the way to bed! YAY ME! I also haven't had a bite to eat since BEFORE 7pm! That is an accomplishment since we never seem to eat before 7! I know, it's terrible!

Ok....that is all....

(I love Amy W.) LOL!


  1. Good job on the walking. I was NEVER one who would even go near a gym before and after having gone for the last 4 months, would you belive I feel guilty if I don't go? Gyms are really inexpensive now days and for me at least, getting to go to the gym for an hour is a nice form of "me time" to sort of decompress and let hubby take care of darling daughter while I take care of me. I say go for it!!

  2. Great job with your walk! One thing I have to learn over and over is that this is a process!! It takes time to undo habits.

  3. If you think a trainer is what you need to get going i say go for it ! I had one right after surgery and I really liked it . The only reason I stoped was due to money . As for the muffin, I say it it. But cut it in 1/8ths or something. then throw the rest away. No way in hell you can choke down the rest after you get a fill anyway and tell hubby to keep that crap at the store next time !

  4. Hi Kerri! I just found your blog and enjoy your humour! I just got banded May 27th and not really sure what to expect as my nutritionist was a total biotch! I have followed what the hospital gave me and I confess went off on my own! I know to take small bites and chew chew chew! I have been eating somewhat regular foods, protein and cooked veggies but mainly soups! But had my very first 1/2 whole wheat sandwich today! And as I type this...just ate a buggle chip! lol! Everything I have tried to eat goes down with no problem! I have my first fill on the 24 of June!