Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hi Everyone!!! I had my first fill on Monday and that was an experience. HA! When the doc had the big ass needle in my belly then told me to sit up and drink water....I couldn't believe it! Trust me, I work with needles on a daily basis so I am far from fearful but having a needle sticking straight out of my belly is a bit CrAzY! He gave me 5cc's! I told him to fill the dang thing so it is completely closed! He said NO! Darnit! I tried! I met with the nutritionist too. He told me to eat 1,000-1,200 cals per day. Now, here is the crazy do I get that many calories? Yesterday I was under calories and even had an ice cream cone (I know, spank me). If I am not supposed to eat more than 1 cup of food at a time and only supposed to eat 3 meals a day, then how do I get the extra calories in? Advice please!

I bought a new scale on Monday. Typically I weigh myself at work but decided to buy a scale for home so that I could weigh myself first thing in the morning and NAKED! Monday night I weighed myself to compare the new scale with the weight from the doc's office. The new scale said I weighed 2 pounds less. Ok, fine! Well, the next morning I followed my doc's directions and did my weekly weigh-in! Got out of bed, peed, stripped and stepped on the scale. It now said I was 6 pounds less than the night before! So I weighed myself again...the same reading! I am skeptical but since that will be the scale I use every week then I will keep that number. I did weigh myself this morning to make sure it wasn't a fluke and it was close to what it was yesterday morning, just a few ounces higher. must be right! If it is accurate then I have lost a total of 17 pounds! Not too shabby!

Still looking for a roommate for BOOBS Chicago....anyone interested?

Have a WONDERFUL Hump Day!!!


  1. Well done on your fantastic weight loss!
    Beautiful photos too.

  2. I wouldn't worry so much about the calories. There will be times when you eat higher-cal foods and times when you don't. Rather than eating things like ice cream which doesn't have much value nutricianally, it is better to eat a balanced diet. Which isn't to say you can't ever have ice cream, but you shouldn't eat it just to bumb up your caloric intake for the day. Doctors and NUTs like rules, but you're a perfect example of where those rules don't work.

  3. If you can only have three meals a day your best bet is to have the best three meals you can. Use real cheeses, eggs, and good solid proteins. Don't do filler foods like lettuce that have virtually little calories. You will have to be really picky on your veggies since they are low in calories, but of course you need them.

    If you are allowed do protein suppliments with milk - 1% not skim if you are really low on calories. My fav is high protein slim fast, but if you have to do a pure protein Nectar is pure protein and tastes great. The chocolate and vanilla work goo in milk.

    The best advice I can give out of all of this is pick good solid proteins. Calorie rich, but not too high in fat. Since that is the first thing you eat it is the most imporatant in the calorie allotment. Don't try to up the calories with white carbs. It is easier, but will make you more hungry.

  4. I agree with Amanda, you'll balance it all out eventually. As long as you're getting enough protein I think you'll be fine. That said, liquid protein shakes tend to help me out calorie wise. My morning one is about 350 calories with 50 grams of protein. But it already sounds like you're doing great, 17 lbs down is nothing to sneeze at! =)

    I'm still on the BOOBS fence, but let me know if you're still looking for a roommate next month, I'd be happy to bunk with you if I do end up going!

  5. FYI....I don't eat Cows or Pigs so that limits some of my protein choices. I love fish and have Salmon everyday for lunch!

  6. The best advice i can give you is this " When you eat the goal is to keep yourself ful until the next time you eat , therefore what you need to be eating is protein . If you eat something ( Like ice cream , my down fall by the way ) If the goal is to keep you full until the next meal its a waste, you just wasted calories and a chance to keep yourself full, Therefore the goal is to eat protein . If you can have snacks the snacks need to have enough protein to keep you full" So dont waste calories in other words and protein !
    Protein is the key it will keep you full longer !
    Good luck and your doing great !

  7. Congrats! OMG! That's awesome-- and even awesome-er (yeah, I know, but I like it) that they gave you a GOOD fill! Do you feel it?

  8. Wow 5cc! Thats awesome, i go for my first fill and come out with .25cc. haha I hope that really helps you!!!!

    Im hoping to go to BOOBS chicago but I still am worried bout not knowing enough of people :-/ or else I would totally be your roomie!