Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Band?!?....What Band?

What?!? I have a band around the upper part of my stomach that is supposed to help me lose weight? Oh, come on! I can still eat ALL the foods that I ate prior to my surgery! I thought I wasn't going to be able to eat bread, pasta, rice and more....but Nooooooo, I still can! I know, I am bitching but WTF?!? I am stuck at the same damn weight! I eat less, I try to make better food choices, lots of protein and still nothing! I get my first fill the 21st and cannot freaking weight! (Yes, I spelled that wrong...on purpose) I know all you veteran banders are thinking...STFU and stop your bitching, we have been there and you will get through this! But I just have to bitch and moan once in awhile! I know it will get better! I just have to get all the negative thoughts out of my head before I explode! Ok, I am done with that!

Let's move on.......

I love shopping! I love shopping for everyone BUT me! I love shopping for my boys and my baby girl. I love shopping for my husband. I love shopping for household items, decorations, you-name-it I love shopping! BUT I LOATHE shopping for myself! I just hope that one day I will be able to shop for myself in a regular store and actually ENJOY shopping for myself. Today I bought my baby her very first swim suit! Soooo cute! I bought her some summer clothes too! I love shopping for her! I actually enjoy going to work because I know that I am making money which then I can spend on her...or my boys! Shopping just may be a slight addiction for me! Especially when I can't eat like a mad woman.

So, I am currently organizing 2 graduation parties! One for my 14 year old son who graduated from 8th grade and the other is for my husband who just completed his 5 year apprenticeship for plumbing! I don't quite understand the reason why we celebrate 8th grade graduations. It's not like he gets to choose whether or not he wants to go to school and therefore we are rewarding him with a party for making the right choice! I don't get it but oh well...let's party anyway! My husband has been talking about having this party since he started school so I know it means a lot to him. I have a lot of pressure on me to make this party a success. I put this stress on myself...another one of my little faults! I ordered an inflatable slip-n-slide today for all the kids and some of the adults. I have been working on food and thinking about decorations, etc. My mind just doesn't stop thinking about the party! I have the Evites sent out and the paper invites are addressed and ready to go, just need some dang stamps! People without email suck! I am so excited for the party but stressed too! What would my life be without those two emotions!

Goodnight all my followers! I am so grateful for all of you! thank you for your comments, words of wisdom and encouragement! Take care!


  1. I understand your pain! I've only had 1 fill, but it feels like nothing is there!!!

  2. For the record, I was banded 4 days after you and I'm in exactly the same place. I could eat anything. We have no restriction. This is Bandster Hell. Losing is not the goal. We're not even supposed to be doing any strenuous exercise! Does that make it easier? Nope. I struggle with it every day too. But if I stop and realize that we're exactly where we're supposed to be right now, then it helps calm me down. We'll get there soon enough!

    Also: I *wish* I had your shopping problem! I can't stop shopping for MEEEEEE!!! =)

  3. Hi Kerrie...Carmen sent me...sorry to find you in Bandster Hell but try and make good choices and go from there....

  4. I was stuck at the same weight for weeks before my first fill... my nutritionist said I was taking in too much protein... I stopped drinking the shakes and the weight started dropping again... just a thought ;-) Dont give up !!! and guess what... you are beautiful too ;-) Thanks !!!