Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Speaking of decisions, I am kinda stuck and taking a few steps in the WRONG direction! Since starting solids I have gone downhill. I just can't stop eating! I eat when I am not hungry. I don't have restriction so I don't have the band screaming at me to STOP! I called my surgeon's office yesterday and asked if I could get a fill sooner than June 21st. NOPE! Ugh....that sucks! I feel like I am going to fail with the band and that I am going to be fat for the rest of my life. I know I am in "bandster hell" but this really sucks! I feel so lost and confused on what I am supposed to eat. No carbs, low carbs......AHHHHHH! WTF!?! If I knew how to eat right, I wouldn't be fat! Right?!? When I spoke with the dietitian yesterday, he didn't give me that much advice either. So, I am going to try to get BACK on the WAGON tomorrow! It's been hotter than heck here so I have not wanted to go for a walk, but tomorrow....I will! Someone, please hold me accountable! I need someone to crack that whip! I know it will get better...it has to get better. I have to lose weight or I will die! So tomorrow I will make GREAT choices! I will eat 1,000-1,2000 calories. Plenty of protein and carbs in moderation! Sound good? I hope so!

I would like to say HEY to my 13 followers! Thank you all for your support! I appreciate all comments and could use some encouraging words and a few words to get my butt moving! Thanks again!!! :-)


  1. Ok first what I am about to tell you might sound harsh and like im yelling but its for your own good :) SLAP YOURSELF and calm down !
    Now .. breathe !
    First off you can not compare how your eating now to how you will eat with a fill because you have a tool that needs to be used but you have to be taught how to use it . In other words your band is the tool, the fill is the instruction on how to use it . Once you get the fills you will slowly learn how to use those fills. It as if you HAVE NO BAND RIGHT NOW ! You HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT ! And stop this " back on the wagon " stuff. Your NOT ON A DIET " Technically . Did you get my last response ? I kind of gave you some ideas of foods . ( maybe that was someone else )
    Low carb ... high protein . That's just what it sounds , stick w/ the proteins , anything you have to stick IN or ON something you can eat, meaning a hamburger eat what goes ON the burger not what you put the burger ON . Taco's eat what goes IN the taco's not what you put the taco's IN . Does that make sense ?
    I dont know what your doc says but at this point I would eat when your hungry but make good choices and eat things that contain protein that's what is going to keep you full ! YOU CAN Do this w/ the band , you just have to have the tools IN the band to use it !

  2. Girl...we must have been banded around the same time...just starting solids too...feeling pretty good about it and real full but could be because I'm still swollen...met with my nutritionist yesterday and she told me for the next 2 weeks I should be introducing a protein only diet...and then in 2 more weeks introduce a "normal diet" but still really limit carb intake and go for things like toast, crackers, wraps instead of that gooey delish. thick bread! Lets keep in touch! good luck! I know it'll get better...remember, it's a process, we can't learn our bands overnight.

  3. Hi Kerri,

    Im so sorry to hear your having a tough time with all this. I spoke with my nutritionist and started mushies/soft foods last Wendesday. I have been trying my hardest to stay away from the carbs. Bread and such. Alot of things have carbs in it but I just look at every label and try to keep my carbs under 40 a day.
    My nutritionist wants me to focus on protein. So im aiming around 80 grams of protein a day. Starting my day with a protein shake.
    I am not able to eat nearly as much as I used too. So with the high protein intake it is keeping me full longer.
    Since bread & Carbs is my weakness, i have had a tough time resisting them but I have to keep saying to myself, it's not worth it. I have to lose weight.
    It will get easier. Dont beat yourself up, take it a day at a time. This is a huge adjustment for us.
    You know you can always message me on facebook or on here!
    Good luck!!

  4. I know that feeling... it's like "why did I even have this done to feel the same as before" ..lol I know I was not supposed to have citrus drinks but grapefruit juice REALLY helped e get through the first few weeks of getting to eat solid food.