Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lap-Band Battle Wounds

These are my battle wounds! The largest incision has been the most painful, I am assuming that is where my lovely little port is! Darn stinker already causing problems.

Still not hungry! More gas today....starting to belch and fart (excuse my french) more frequently. I was sitting at the table with the family for dinner, they had spaghetti and I had a yummy protein shake, I let out the longest belch ever. I had to apologize!

Ibuprofen definitely helps with the discomfort and doesn't make my mind as foggy as the Lortab. I have already had a little issue with cravings even though I am not hungry. I want to just lick some foods to get a "taste" but not eat it. I didn't do that though. I know it will take time for my mind to adjust. One day at a time!

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