Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am banded!

We arrived at the hospital yesterday at 10:45, surgery scheduled for 12:45. I was weighed and had lost 6 pounds! That was exciting. They got me ready for surgery, IV and a million questions. I was taken into the OR a little before 1:00. I was given some oxygen then given the injection to put me to sleep. Nighty night! I woke a little later 2:00. The surgeon said everything went well! I was taken to the second stage of recovery a little after 3:00 and reunited with my husband.  I was ready to go home around 5:00 even though I was super groggy! Well, I had to pee for them in order to leave and couldn't! I walked and walked and thought about pee, still nothing until 8:00 when the nurse called my surgeon and told him! He said to give me wide open IV fluids and give it a little more time! I finally peed at almost 8:30 and they said I could go home. Thank goodness! I was so tired and just wanted to go home! We finally got home at almost 10:00! Yuck! My pain is on my right side of my stomach area. I think that's where my port is. Well, that little shit is causing all my pain. I would be only slightly sore if it weren't for the port spot but NO! I don't have any gas pain and am only burping a little. No shoulder or diaphragm pain at this point. Thank goodness. I have only taken sips of water and had a protein shake this am. I was a little worried about try something. Last night I took a regular size drink and then felt nauseated and burped. That will take time getting used to, the small sips. I am used to "chugging" my water! I am also not hungry so do I still "eat" something? I am on full liquids until Monday when I see my surgeon to follow-up. I slept like shit because I could only lay on my back! Ugh!

I will post a pick of my beautiful battle wounds later today. I know you will all be excited to see them! HAHA!


  1. Congrats! Glad to hear surgery went well. We both lucked out. I didn't have any gas pains either. Phew! Good news. Now just follow your doctor's post-op instructions and you are well on your way! Welcome to the club!

  2. When does the swelling improve? I can't wear my regular jeans because my belly is swollen so I can't button them. Sucks!