Monday, May 3, 2010

Pre-Op: Day 1....This SUCKS!

So, I started my lovely pre-op diet today and it sucks! I am soooo freaking bitchy. I also had a headache all day. The headache is my fault for stopping caffeine cold turkey! UGH!!! I tried the EAS protein shake this morning and it wasn't bad but by the third shake tonight....I wanted to vomit! I have to find some other protein shake! I did eat some almonds today even though I am supposed to be on a liquid only diet but I needed something to eat! Not eating food is making me wonder if I can really do this. Will I be ok with NEVER being able to OVEREAT again? That's fudged up thinking right? "Normal" people don't think about food constantly! Will I ever be "normal"? Will I ever have "normal" thoughts about food? I hope this band will help me! Someone please tell me it will! Please tell me I am not alone because right now I want to go eat EVERYTHING in the kitchen..maybe even the kitchen sink!


  1. I totally went through that too! I think everyone does. But, then you get to "Bandster Hell" (period before you are at good restriction) and realize that if you don't have any fill, you can pretty much eat anything at all. I found that comforting b/c I'd been worried that I'd hate being banded. As it turns out, I love it!

    After you're banded you'll still be able to eat almost every single thing you like. You'll just get full and feel satisfied more quickly. It's really nice to be free from the "food prison" . . being able to feel good about my weight, and being able to go out and have a nice meal without feeling guilty about it (because I just eat a reasonable amount -- not enough to put weight on me).

    Anyway, just wanted to send you some extra solidarity and encouragement. :) The pre-op is no fun at all, but it's going to be over in just a few days. You can make it. And, you have so much to look forward to in the next year! Take your measurements and some before pics if you didn't already!! You will want them later! :)


  2. It does get better...hang in there. I remember noticing during my pre-op and post-op diets how many food commercials there are on TV. It would drive me crazy!

    Look on the bright side...the pre-op diet and post-op diet should really help get the first several pounds off...FAST!

    I think I saw on BOOBS that you live in the Chicago area. I do too. I'll be attending the BOOBS weekend, just not staying at the hotel. Come find me at

    Wouldn't it be crazy if we have the same doctor?!!